Friday, June 15, 2007

This is pretty sweet.

SEAT ADVISOR -- It's got concert venues with all the seats highlighted in a sliding scale from green (good), to purple, to yellow, to red (bad). I just checked out Billy Bob's for Loretta tickets. First of all, the show doesn't even START till 10:30. And the BEST tickets left are at table E1, which is close to the back, all the way to the left. It's purple, but I think not. FYI -- The map for Billy Bob's is misleading because it shows the seats in relation to the honky tonk stage. The main stage is on the OTHER SIDE. So ... it's got all the seats shown in front of the honky tonk stage in GREEN, but they would really SUCK if the show was on the main stage. Where's Willie's picnic going to be this year?

UPDATE: Insane. The 4th of July Picnic is going to be in Seattle, Washington. WTF?

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Sharon said...

Cool page. I think you should still go. Party like you're 6 years old! Stay up late!