Friday, June 8, 2007

Owning What You Believe

So I'm at the point that I'm ready to completely dissociate myself with anything Christian. But even typing that is hard for me. I've sent my kids to a religious preschool for two main reasons: most of them are in churches and to appease my in-laws. Plus the carpool line was a big bonus! Anyway, I felt it was important to expose them to what most people believe. It's not what Chris and I believe. I can't speak for him, but I don't think he believes in God or a supreme being. I'd like to think there was a God but I don't know necessarily believe it's true. So I guess I fall into the agnostic category. I find it extremely interesting that all of the Christian holidays and celebrations coincide with pagan holidays. And I find Wicca stuff very interesting as well. Now I can't say if I believe in reincarnation, so Buddhism probably isn't for me. But I like their philosophies on life are really good and are certainly applicable.

So these are my rambling, nonlinear thoughts. But I'm scared to death to share them with most people. Mainly because I really freak out that someone might try to 'save' me or my children. Will there be a point that I'm comfortable in my nonconformist thoughts that I'd be able to speak about them?


Mary said...

The more you think, the more you'll understand. Christianity really is the opium of the masses -- no thought required.

Nobody ever tries to save me anymore. Sometimes they come to the door, but then they're kinda sad that they did. I actually slammed the door on someone in a wheelchair once.

Mary said...

BTW, I only BELIEVE in what I believe -- theories and philosophies. I do not adhere to ANY dogmatic religion, including Wicca. There's something of interest in almost every world religion and the more you look, the more you realize -- it's all the same. But it's VERY interesting to read the books about ancient civilizations and goddess culture. Suddenly, it all just starts to make sense.

Nicole said...

How coincidental that I randomly stumbled upon your blog. I studied Wicca for 10 years before I came to the realization that it just wasn't for me. I still have a massive amount of respect for the religion but not sure I believe in all of it. If you're curious go check out a book by Laurie Cabot, Raymond Buckland, Amber K or Silver Ravenwolf. You won't be disappointed. :-)