Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where to go from here?

I have kind of missed blogging. Reading back over our posts, I really, really miss it. It was soooo much more than thinking of a facebook status. You had to get all eloquent and shit.

So what do you think, Mary Frances? You in?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Almost an anniversary!

Not quite a year since the last post. We rule. But I did think the embroidery was meant to signify that we stopped. Only not so hasty to delete this time. Anywhoo ...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007

We're Back.

The Angry Housewives are back from a little R&R up in the 'mountains' of Oklahoma. So we are a little less angry. Only a little less angry because my husband was home for maybe 20 minutes before he had to go back to work and I was drop kicked back into motherhood. And mothering 2 tired kids who had little sleep for the past 2 days is no fun. some pics. I can't find my damned camera. I hope it's in the truck.

Agenda the next couple of days...

Remember the weekend with no kids? Yes, it actually happened. That was no dream.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Crazy People

There's a Wreckers song called Crazy People. It's Tylene's theme song. Here are the words:

Only crazy people
Fall in love with me
They come from all over
To be with me
Bank robbers and killers
Drunks and drug dealers
Only crazy people
Fall in love with me

He came from Carolina
On a west-bound freight train
He didn't have no ticket
But he got here the same
He left me a reminder
With nine months to go
That's why I killed his wife
And wrecked up his home

Only crazy people
Fall in love with me
They come from all over
To be with me
Bank robbers and killers
Drunks and drug dealers
Only crazy people
Fall in love with me

He fled Mississippi
With me at his side
A trunk full of money
And no place to hide
Well he loved his whiskey
And his fist loved my face
So I buried that man
And they wont find a trace

Only crazy people
Fall in love with me
They came from all over
To be with me
Bank robbers and killers
Drunks and drug dealers
Only crazy people
Fall in love with me
Only crazy people
Fall in love...
With me

Anyway, it's a country song, so I know Mary's never heard it.

So Tylene will tell you this is her theme song too. The thing is, I kind of believe it. Her fiance seems so normal but then he'll do psycho shit. I don't get it.

And then it makes me wonder about the people I attract...they all seem kind of nuts!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Hero

Chris stayed home tonight. I thought that was really awesome.

What the ?

Your lovely comment had partial impact, but the tally has changed considerably. Could it be that this clever little toy is not based on factual evidence found within the blog?

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* fucking (4x)
* kill (2x)
* suck (1x)

Parents strongly cautioned ...

Sharon, we need to try harder.

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* death (4x)
* fucking (2x)
* kill (1x)

The Police and Sleep Deprivation

Last night, it rained like a son of a bitch. I had to drive to The Colony to pick up my SIL & BIL. The roads were bad but still passable, just bad enough to remind me that I need new tires.

We pick them up and Chris drives and we just hope against hope that we won't be late. The roads on the way there were pretty bad. There was a spot on the tollway where it's really narrow and I want to say there was at least 2 feet of water. That was scary. But then again, I kind of freak out about that kind of stuff. I have a fear that I'll be one of those idiots who drowns in their own car. We make it safely and get poured on while waiting to get into the Platinum Entrance. (We had the same seats we had at Coldplay, BTW.) The open act was lame. And this was supposed to be a sold out show. There was hardly anyone there. But by 8:50 the place was packed. It was a very, very cool show. They were tight and Sting can still hit most of the high notes.

I'm going to say that my BIL and SIL might be the most boring people in the world. Every time I tried to talk about something going on or something funny (you know there are tons of people to make fun of, dancing, high fiving, etc.) she would only talk about music, you know, things like "they did that one a whole half step lower than the original". Ok, I took chorus in 8th grade. That's the extent of my music knowledge. So she and her husband have degrees in music. After the show they talked about what they didn't like. Chris and I both loved it. Oh well.

So Chris is drunk because I agreed to be the DD. But even after we got there, I told him that if the roads were that bad when we left that I wouldn't be comfortable driving. He told me I was SOL. So he gets more and more boisterous as the evening goes on. He has one joke and tells it over and over and over again, getting more and more loud because, it's been my experience that if you don't get a laugh, tell it again, louder!!! And be sure to yell in the ear of the person that you are most annoying! I wanted to kill him by the time we got back to their house in The Colony. Fortunately, Corey was watching all the kids, so he drove Chris's truck back, with the annoying passenger. We leave the girls there because the were determined to stay the night there. We get home and my genius husband decided to restart his mail server at work. Well, it wouldn't come back up. So he had to go to work. I had already laid down and he caught me half asleep telling me he was going up there. After he'd been gone for about a minute, I realized that he shouldn't be driving. So I call him and he comes back and I drive him to his office at 1:45 am. He starts some process that takes about 40 minutes to run. We go to Whataburger. We get back and he tells me that it's not going to be any time soon and that I should go home and sleep until he calls me.

Did I mention that when he left, he was barefoot and carrying beer? Classy and defiant to everything we've ever talked about drinking and driving. When I got in the truck, I threw the beer out the window. And he was mad because that was his last one.

So I'm ranting and raving the whole way there and anytime he walks by where I'm sitting while I'm there. He's assessed that he would have been OK to drive (and again, brings up that fucking beer) and that I'm just being ridiculous. All the while, he's almost falling against the counter while eating his taquitos from Whataburger. I tell him that I'm done talking about it because tomorrow he'd apologize and tell me over and over how right I was. Well, I didn't have to wait, he was doing it before I left.

I get home about 3am and fall asleep about 3:30. I had some weird vampire/witch dream about Tom Cruise. It was weird but kind of cool too. I could do things with my mind! (I was a witch, he was a vampire.) Maybe a little too much Anne Rice has seeped into my brain.

So I wake up at about 5:15 am. I'm determined no one in his office is going to find semi-sober, shoeless employee at the office. Since it's a construction company, a lot of the field employees get there really early. I get up and drive up there fully expecting to find him passed out but he called me when I was pulling into the parking lot.

We get home about 6 am and I get to sleep until about 8 am. While driving around the early hours listening to the radio, I hear that I-35 southbound between 407 and Valley Ridge is shut down because it's underwater. So I drive the long way to 1171 and get on 35 there. This has been the longest fucking day and it's only noon.

I have to work tonight and I agreed to cover some one's shift. So I am working from 4-7:30. My kids are NOT going to be happy about being there. I had hoped Chris would offer to stay home tonight but he didn't. The girls are going to nap and so am I. They were still awake at midnight and had gotten up at 6 am. So they are in prime condition!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Edited to Add: I made a link! If you click here and scroll down, you can actually hear a sample of the song: Bloodrock D.O.A.

When I was little, we had to stay with a babysitter while my mom (and "dad") worked. There were different ones, but this one's name was Wanda. For real. She dipped snuff and spit in a Folger's can. A red Folger's can. I don't know how old I was, but it was old enough to remember. I was four-square adamantly against being left at a babysitter's house. I didn't like it. Not at all. And one of the biggest problems was NAP time. The weirded-out idea that you could lay down with a bunch of strangers and go to sleep in the middle of the day. Blech. So anyway, my mom actually told Wanda that I didn't need to take naps, so DON'T MAKE ME. And Wanda didn't. When it was naptime, everyone would lay down on the wood floors while Wanda would rock the babies with a floor fan beside her. The sound of that fan was so calming. And the rhythmic rocking of the chair ...

But there was always a moment when I would turn my head and open my eyes toward the kitchen or the bedroom. That's where Wanda's teenaged kids, Tooter (a boy) and I-Forgot-Her-Name (a girl) would be waiting for me. And they'd give me the motion and I'd head toward them. If they were in the kitchen, we'd be going outside. I'd swing on the aluminum swingset, while Tooter sat at the top of the slide and I-Don't-Remember-Her-Name leaned against the car. And they'd talk and I'd kinda listen.

If they were waiting in the bedroom, it meant we'd be listening to records. And the 45 that they played over and over and over again was a song about a plane crash. The lyrics have been BURNED into my BRAIN, but I've never heard the song since then. I just now googled a few lyrics and FOUND IT!!! It's real. I didn't make it up in my crazy desperate little-kid-lost-in-the-desert "memory."

It's called "D.O.A." and it's by a band called Bloodrock. I wish I could find a .wav file or anything. I want to hear it. It's DAMN dark. And it was very early in the 70's as I recall ...


Laying here looking at the ceiling
Someone lays a sheet across my chest
Something warm is flowing down my fingers
Pain is flowing all through my back

I try to move my arms and there's no feeling
And when I look I see there's nothing there
The face beside me's stopped it's holy bleeding
The girl I knew has such a distant stare

I remember
We were flying low and hit something in the air
I remember
We were flying low and hit something in the air

Then I looked straight at the attendant
His face is pale as it can be
He bends and whispers something softly
He says there's no chance for me

I remember
We were flying low ( along ) and hit something in the air
I remember
We were flying low and hit something in the air

Life is flowing out my body
Pain is flowing out with my blood
The sheets are red and moist where I'm lying
God in Heaven, teach me how to die

I remember
We were flying low and hit something in the air
I remember
We were flying low and hit something in the air

It ended, I think, with a heartbeat growing ever slower and a breath that finally stops. It had a mighty impact on me at that stage of my development.

New Tats

Have you seen this yet?

I can't decide if it's mondo cool or major bunk.