Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Winter Passing

This movie blew. And I'm pretty bummed about it.

Zooey Deschanel is cute as a button. I wish she were a little fairy that I could put in my pocket and keep forever. I love her. She always plays quirky characters. But in this movie, she is so completely unlikeable that it's disturbing.

This movie also featured Will Farrell, Amelia Warner (former Mrs. Collin Farrell), Amy Madigan and Ed Harris.

I love Will Farrell too. He can do comedy and drama so well. In this movie, it's unclear what his deal is: gay tard? tortured artist? Basically he's the groupie of a famous writer, living in his house and taking care of him. Amelia also lives there. She's got a tragic past that is supposed to make us feel sympathy for her and connect her to Zooey's character. But really this whole thing seems contrived.

Ed Harris. What happened to you, dude? Every since Pollack, he only seems like he can play some tortured artist. I loved you. When you slap your wife and call her a bitch in The Abyss...I cry. That silent scream gives me goosebumps. Now all you do is look disheveled and stare blankly into the camera.

Bottom line of this flick: if you like movies about druggy, whoring kitten killers who return home and learn valuable life lessons while encountering quirky stock characters but still remain unlikeable...this is your movie!


Mary said...

I was with you right up until you said KITTEN KILLERS.

Two episodes left before I finish season 1 of "Big Love." I still don't understand what's in it for them. I mean ... WHY???

I just put "The Squid and the Whale" on my wait list.

Sharon said...

Yes, she fucking kills a kitten. It's supposed to be a mercy killing but someone who's snorting coke can afford to take it in and have it put to sleep.

The Squid and The Whale wasn't very good. I put 'didn't like it' on Netflix. But in all honesty, I can't remember much. DrAmA. You might like We Don't Live Here Anymore. Although I identified with Laura Dern's character a little too much in that one.

Mary said...

I loved We Don't Live Here Anymore.

Christopher said I would like squid & whale. He said - "The Metamorphosis was very Kafka-esque" - The quotation marks are his, so I assume he's quoting someone else.

Sharon said...

Yes, there's a kid in the movie who does nothing but say things his Dad would real opinions or knowledge of his own. Very, very sad.

Mary said...

So is it kinda like the relationship with Harold and his mother in Harold & Maude (my favorite movie of all-time)?