Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Polly Pockets in the bathtub

Okay, they upset me. I've been getting myself inordinately upset lately about the fact that every single time I try to take a bath or shower, I have to share the space with a handful of Polly Pockets. I know I could pick them up, but what would be the point? They'd just be there again the next time. But tonight I decided to be happy about the Polly Pocket that's currently floating in the hot bath I'm running for myself (I need it desperately). Because someday DD will be as old as her brother and there won't be any more toys in the bathtub. I'm feeling maudlin.

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Sharon said...

Get one of those toy nets. We do the PP in the bath thing but they only have like 2 in each tub. I'm glad I never have to bathe in the Pooh tub. It's always overflowing with toys. Meredith on the other hand has turned into a speed shower-er. I know it's not a word but a lot of the time, she'll still stink and have to get back in!