Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today is Tuesday.

Feels like Monday, but might as well be Wednesday for all the difference it makes. There's a lot to do before Friday. A LOT. But I'm about to go get Momo and probably waste the rest of the day ferrying her around. Actually, I'm going to take her to the beauty shop and then ATTEMPT to bring her back to the house and keep her here all the way till dinnertime and then Ben can take her home. Think it will work? Think I'll survive without my brain exploding? Every ... single ... time ... she comes over, she looks around and says, "Fran," and I interrupt her and yell, "DON'T SAY IT!" And she giggles and says, "I was just going to ask you what you did after you cleaned your house." Every ... single ... fucking ... time. And I always tell her it's not funny. So she can stay at the nursing home and lay on her bed all afternoon, or she can come over here. If she comes over here, I can guarandamntee you that suddenly "home" will be much more appealing. I'm going to try it, though. I'll probably end up having to take her back before dinner, but I'll give her the option and see how it goes.

We were out of coffee for the second morning in a row. So I picked my dirty clothes up off the bathroom floor, put them on, and went to Piggly Wiggly. Then we had birthday cake for breakfast at about noon. I suppose we'll have leftover (from Sunday!) pizza for our midday snack. Ho hum. How boring can one post be?

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