Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Peter Krause

I know you don't like him, the actor. I know you didn't like Nate Fisher. And the truth is that when he died, I didn't like him either. But I loved him. You know what I mean? I felt like they were my family and I sobbed and sobbed when he died.

So after I watched We Don't Live Here Anymore, where he wasn't a particularly likable character, I started wondering if I'd deluded myself about him. Ok, he's not to hard to look at. So did I fall for the facade? What was on the outside?
I recently saw an interview he did for a new movie called Civic Duty. It looks interesting enough but really kind of movie of the week. But something he said in the interview made me all gushy for him all over again. Only someone uber cool would refer to someone as having "Star-belly Sneech mentality". Seriously. Wet panties.


Mary said...

OMG! Stars upon thars? He referenced that??? Love. Instant, immediate.

Sharon said...

yes, yes, yes.

gotta go change my undies.

And to make you love him even more...when he talked about his past roles, he was saying Nate was the hardest-that he carried a lot playing him. And he also said that in the end, his life and Nate's mirrored each other. Wouldn't ya love to know which parts?!?

Mary said...

I hope it wasn't the self-pitying martyr-as-rebel part.