Friday, May 25, 2007

The New Mary Magdalen

This is what Chris was dubbed after washing all the youngun's feet tonight. Ah. Then my kids ask who she was. Chris told the abbreviated version and I really, really wanted to go into the DaVinci Code version. It's much more interesting.

So Fran, enlighten me as to what books I should get to start promoting other religions and beliefs. If Mallory asks me one more time if I'll be happy that there's no money in heaven, I'm gonna keel over. It's not that I want to dispute what they've learned but I want to balance it out with what other people believe.

I wanted to sign them up for Vacation Bible School. You know, it's free and keeps them busy to easily transition into summer. Chris shut me down with 'We shouldn't keep filling their minds with propaganda that we ourselves don't believe.'. Just too damned logical!


Mary said...

I just wrote the longest post EVER and it was so damned INTELLIGENT and then I accintally hit the "back" button and lost it all. FUCK. I'm not going to try right now to recapture my thoughts. It was deep and then I ruined it all with this damn fucking computer and my own ... what's the word? ... I don't have good hand-eye coordination. AT ALL.

Sharon said...

Blogger saves shit as you go, so you should have been able to recover it.

In the meantime, I'll imagine the greatest post ever and give you full credit for it!

Mary said...

Saves shit as you go on an OP, not a comment. I even used lots of long words correctly.